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07-20-2004, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by little a from da bx
where did u ever see anyone say that ortmeyer is the future , well it seems to be u mean scoring wise, but if u use common sense , yes he is our future in the point he will be a good leader on this team without a doubt, and u make a statemnt about him being a 4th but leave murray in the 3rd. murray played like 7 games for nyr and u leave him third liner. well im high on murray anyways as a defionite third liner maybe second on the left wing. and about ortmeyer he is is an excellent player very smrt defensively and an excellent pk'er, excellent shot blocker, hard working and always hustling, players like that make a team win, energy and effort . so basically in your comments make not much sense ortmeyer and murray are future leaders of this team both are 3 rds liners. plus u are saying cause a guy is not offensively talented he is a 4th liner, nshows what u know about the game of hockey, look at the role mccarty plays on det he had some good 12 -15 goals easons but gets play on all the lines, not comparing him to ortmeyer , but what im saying is the big goal guys dont make teams win its the ortmeyers and murrays, murray resembles darren mccarty to me. but ortmeyer is a 3rd liner and murray a 3rd/ maybe could be used on 2nd also i believe
I never said anything about Murray........all I said was Ortmeyer is a 4th line player and there is nothing wrong with that. And I heard that he was our FUTURE when he was given that award at the Garden on the last game of the season. Ortmeyer had some nice scoring chances and his shot needs a lot of work. And how good of a PKer is he when we had the word PK in the league? Yeah I know one guy can't do it alone, but our PK has just been horrible the last............decade.

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