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12-09-2008, 01:15 AM
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Whats wrong with Kovy is that hes on a slump. His shot just dont go though the goal line. Thats it.

Hes on pace for a 60 pts season, isnt that what everybody should expect? Its so easy to blame Kovalev for everything because he got a really good season last year, he was the key of the PP and all his teammated depended on him on the pp, so some people are expecting him to be the savior again. This year, Kovalev is being watched twice more on the PP, so he cannot do what he did last year but his teammates cannot find another way to score without Kovy. So instead of blaming Kovy for being predictable or whatever on the PP, maybe his teammates should find something more creative. Its not likie Kovalev is keeping the puck for himself during the 2 minutes.

Kovalev production 5 on 5 is probably even or better than last year. The reason Kovalev is on the slump is because our PP is on a slump.

Blame him all you want but he still have more points than Tanguay and his game was more much simple for the last couple of game. He crashed the net more, keeping the puck less, short pass, i dont think theres anything wrong about his game.

Now, whats wrong with Higgins, whats wrong with Plekanec, whats wrong with Tanguay. Thats more my concern.

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