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12-09-2008, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Prudentius View Post
They're not allowed to do it anymore.

As for the driving license, I got it sucessfully on the first time. I completely failed my parking and even hit the band a little while turning the corner(nervosity) but everything else I did successfull. Blindspots is easily the most important thing. Whenever you change line or turn somewhere, even if you know there isn't anyone because you were just there, you still need to do blindspot, flasher, blindspot, mirror on the left, mirror middle, mirror on the right and blindspot again. That's the correct way to do it. Seems impossible when you are not used to it but it's not that hard and don't let anybody tell you it's not that important. It is THAT important and you need to do it the way I described it.
I'm a horrible driver, and I always appear nervous behind the wheel because I don't drive often. My driving instructor even suggested I take extra classes before my driving exam, but since I had an appointment already I figured I'd give it a shot

To this day, I don't know how I did it, but I managed to pass first try. I don't remember much about the test, it went by so fast that I can't remember if I changed lanes properly, if I always looked at my blind spot, if I always used my flasher, etc...

All I know is that the pedals of the car were really stiff, and it helped me control my acceleration and keeping a constant speed better, so I was ALWAYS at the right speed (I was obviously paying attention to the speed limit changes). I had ****ed up a right of way during a stop intersection, went first when the other guy should have gone first, and during my parallel park, one of my wheels barely touched the curb and the instructor ****ing yelled at me like I had just killed someone (I still parked it properly, but touching the curb a bit was apparently a big no-no). The worst part was that it had started raining during my test, and the examiner told me to put the windshield wiper on, and I had never used that car before so it took me like 5 seconds to figure out (which seems like an eternity when you have someone watching you like a hawk). I managed to get it right first try, I would have been so embarrassed had I not been able to turn the wipers properly!

I think the way I drove in the parking lot and the way I perfectly parked the car at the end of the exam gave me some extra points. I was also very respectful towards the examiner. When he yelled at me or told me off, I stayed calm and acknowledged my mistake, I never spoke back at him or told him that what he was saying wasn't true or that what I did was right

Just be very respectful, watch out for your speed limit and the various other stupid little things like mirrors, blind spots and flashers, and you should be able to pass

The only intimidating part of taking the exam at Henri-Bourassa is getting out of the parking lot at the beginning of the test. Everything after that is easy.

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