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12-09-2008, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
Enough said, you made my point
Ok, so you want to run McNabb outta town because he lost the Superbowl, awesome.

Kevin Kolb will def lead us to one, since McNabb couldn't, right? Right?

McNabb gives us a better chance then anything we have currently or anything we could get. If we want a Superbowl, we need to stick to the run, and our defense needs to step it up. Defense wins Championships.

Your boy Farve throws INT's, his TEAM came through.

Oh, and since you made a point to say that this ownership and coach has a problem, and you cite the TO situation as your reference, AND THEN you point to the Cowboys as a team with a clue, please read this.,127609

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