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12-09-2008, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
No actually, it's not speculation. Vinny said it himself when he signed. The new owners promised him to be making moves to upgrade the team. And the team did make a lot of moves to improve the team, and Vinny thought there was a lot of hope in this, as he was not the only one who was impressed by the moves and signings. A lot of people even put them into the playoffs in their predictions (not me!) before the start of the season. Then you have to think at the whole process of signing. For a player, a 10 year contract, whatever the situation might be, is money in the bank, whether he plays through it or gets bought back. Even if there was doubt that lingered, do you actually believe anyone would refuse 85 mil for 10 years, especially since he was injured at the end of the season and any player will tell you after a big injury that they are never sure they'll be back up to how they were before. It happened to a lot of players, so accepting this money, while his rep was still high up there, was a smart thing to do, whatever the consequences are regarding hockey and how the team plays.

So calling him stupid is just that.
Ok i didnt know he officially said he was unhappy. I know why he signed, as you said 85M for 10 years is great, but if you sign for money, dont complain that your team suck. I had them dead last in the east and thats pretty much where they are. No depth, bunch of guys 10 years over the hill and no goalie and no future except in net.

If he thought the risk were low enough to sign a 10 years 85M contract 2 months ago it should be the same now. It cant totally change in 2 months. If so the risk were way too high to link yourself to a team for 10 years and if he did for money then money is still there so he shouldnt complain.

He couldve EASILY move to a team with a brighter future after this season, but he said no I'll stay with this team, they suck live with it.

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