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12-09-2008, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
It's not that I disagree H, it's just there's better ways to get your point across.
Better ways? Give me a break man this is a forum not a democracy. If the mods want to merge stuff they'll do it, they don't need to hear people kick up a stink about something in order to merge a thread. How else was I supposed to get my point across anyways? He said the point was already made in the GDT, I told him exactly why I felt putting this type of info in the GDT only would be stupid. I fail to see how else I could've gotten my point across, by possibly using super powers? lmao

Or like you said, reporting him or contacting a mod must be the better way to get the point across, right

I mean, that surely will get the point across as the mods aren't going to do/say **** about somebody mentioning a post has already been made in the GDT. Give me a break, if anything that is the dumbest possible way I could get my point across lmao.

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