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Originally Posted by Arctic_Hab_Fan View Post
Latendresse does have trade value as a PROJECT - not a prospect. There have been many instances where teams trade PROJECT's...I couldn't care much less right now, this very moment about Latendresse. He has stagnated in my view, there are others coming up the pipe that will deserve a chance next season and if this chap is still here, I believe they won't get that chance.
You don't care because what you have in heart is the team's performances. Who play or doesn't play for this team isn't really significant, as long as we win (and there's nothing wrong with this!)

But a guy like Gainey must see things differently. Of course the team must win, but there are also issues of asset allocation that must be taken care of. Latendresse is an asset. Right now, he's useless for the team's performance. But he's still an asset with a value > 0. And nothing stops Gainey for trading this asset for another one that WILL make a difference for this team. The habs already invested 3 years of developpment in the kid, they won't let him go on the waivers line just because other prospects have taken his spot.

We have a deep team. We can no longer affort to have a guy "learning" in the big club like Latendresse is. But that's not true for every team. Look at Toronto, they are giving a lot of ice time to Grabosky and reaping the benefits. Everybody knows Grabosky wouldn't have played on the habs lineup this season. Does it means that Gainey should have lost Grabo on the waivers instead of trying to trade him? That Grabo had no value because he couldn't make our lineup?

A lot of second rounders (and even more third, fourth, etc. rounders) will never make it as far as Latendresse - that's a statistical fact. Some will never even be signed on the pro level. For a mediocre team looking for some interesting deal, it makes a lot of sense to give, say, a third or fourth round pick for Latendresse knowing that the kid as already two NHL season under his belt, and still could develop into a power forward, and that it is doubtful this 3th or 4th round pick would ever lead to a player with as much potential anyway (something they would not know years after the fact, while Lats is a known commodity).

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