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Originally Posted by bengay View Post
Obviously the Schultz debacle was not the main reason why Nonis was fired. However, collectively the promotion of Schultz along with a series of many other debacles culminated in his dismissal. Nonis should have acquired a real goal scorer rather than entering a season counting on breakout and career years. Counting on Schultz to be the leading goal scorer for you team is beyond asanine.

Are you Nonis' son or something?
what promotion are you speaking of? so Schultz, who got all of two games (the following year to boot), was expected to be the leading goal scorer. lol. nice one.

did Nonis reject you went you went bengay on him at a game or something?

Originally Posted by The_Pauser View Post
I don't want this to turn into another Nonis debate; however, to respond to your point: Nonis was relying on Schultz to break out and be a top line player (top 6 at the very least). It's one thing if he brought in a bunch of players to compete for that spot, it's another (what he actually did) to basically bank on him earning that spot. And Schultz was so bad that he didn't earn it, and we had to go with other players who clearly weren't ready, and we saw the results.

Schultz was coming off a 37 goal season in the AHL, had decent size, a RH shot, and had showed a good release. Nonis and AV decided to give him a look at him at camp. he wasn't good enough for the NHL and didn't make the team. big freakin deal. that's how you run a successful organization. when your prospects look to be ready, you give them a shot. it's not like Nonis and AV stuck with Schultz after it was apparent he couldn't hack it in the bigs. who cares if they gave him a shot to earn a roster spot at training camp?

you say we should have brought in a bunch of players "just in case". we're talking about top line players here. how do you bring in a "bunch of players" that are capable of playing on the top line, "just in case"? what happens next if Schultz is ready? it's not like we had cap space to burn, or a line around the block of potential top line players that wanted to come here "just in case".

a current example will be Hodgson next season. should Gillis bring in a bunch of potential 2nd line centres "just in case"? sure we'll need to have 1-2 fall back options, like Demitra and re-signing Wellwood for example. but we can't go sign a bunch of top 6 players "just in case" Hodgson isn't ready. at some point you have to take gambles on your prospects, or what's the point of having them?

Schultz had had a very good AHL season. but as we all know, AHL success doesn't always translate to NHL success. but you don't know one way or the other until you give the kid a shot. yeah, they said if Schultz' AHL skillset translated to the NHL he'd be a good fit with the Sedins and then his skillset didn't translate. I'm struggling here to come up with something more inconsequential during Nonis's regime.

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