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Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
That's not what they are saying. They're saying Nonis and AV were putting all their eggs in Schultz's basket. In hindsight, you have to ask "what were they thinking?". Sure, there was a chance that Schultz would score 40 in the NHL - like 1 out of 10 (guesstimate: i'm sure somebody can figure out how many players in the AHL with say 32 goals or more scored 40 in the NHL the following year or 2 or 3? I might be high with 10%). The cupboards had to be totally bare for Nonis and AV to come up with that one. Desperate people do desperate things.
Except "putting all their eggs in the Schultz basket" and "banking on Schultz to be a top line player" is complete ********. Yeah, they thought maybe he had a chance, put some confidence in the kid, and gave him a shot at training camp. He wasn't good enough and he was sent down, it wasn't really a big deal.

It wasn't just Schultz either, maybe they talked about him the most, but I do believe Jason King and Josef Balej were at camp trying to compete for a spot as well.

Our top6 to begin that season was as follows -


Now that ended up getting shuffled around a bit, but Pyatt did end up scoring 23 goals, and many did understand why we'd take a chance on Bulis being a top6 player as there was reason to believe he could be. How did "banking on Schultz" screw us over? Do these people know that Nonis was turning down deals and UFA signings (of which he had no cap space for) for top6 forwards because he was certain Jesse Schultz was going to be a 40-goal top-line player?

Of course not, it's just more conjecture-based Nonis bashing.

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