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12-09-2008, 10:05 PM
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Since I didn't see the game, was this an issue for anyone?


Fox Sports Carolinas now says that it was to blame for commercials that were aired while the puck was in play Saturday during the hockey game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Philadelphia Flyers, which the Flyers won in overtime.

Viewers believe that ads broke into the action twice — once near the end of the second period — though none of the goals was pre-empted.

"It was an issue at our master control," says Kate Hart, a spokeswoman for Fox Sports Carolinas. "It was not Time Warner’s fault. ... We’re trying not to point fingers at anybody.

We’re sorry it happened, and we’re working to make sure it won’t happen again."

But TWC representatives were sensitive Monday to the impression that the cable company was indeed being blamed for the inadvertent commercial breaks. Because it had not heard of other systems having the same problems, FS Carolinas initially believed the problem was caused at Time Warner's end, probably by a malfunction in the automated equipment that inserts commercials.

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