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12-10-2008, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
first, look at the team constructed ... the expectations of some is still quite high due to the name
I think you put your finger on it there, Fletch, and I think sites like this only add to the problem because they become echo chambers that reinforce some initial misconceptions about the nature of the team: "Gomez is great! Drury is so clutch! Naslund's a 40 goal scorer! We're uber-deep in prospects!" (The reverse - negative stuff - is also true: "Renney is horrible!" "The Rangers have nothing in the system!")

Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
this current team, I believe, has issues beyond the coach (he's not totally absolved in this), but the construction is a bit flawed ... I thought they were a middle of the pack to on the cusp of the playoffs team. So there's my expectation. If they beat that, I think the coach did a very good job. If they win a playoff round, I think he did a great job. If they win two rounds, he did an excellent job. If they don't make the playoffs, he did a mediocre job and if they're not in the hunt in late-March, he did a bad job. Those are my measuring sticks for coaching based on what I thought about the team at the beginning of the season.
I'd say we're in near-perfect agreement although I fully believe this team can and should win a playoff round. (Their goaltending and defense should be sufficient to earn them that.) If they do not achieve that, I'd say Renney has had a sub-par year. If they fail to make the playoffs, he's had a terrible one, possibly one worthy of firing (although Sather would be first out the door IMO).

Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
And I think people criticizing Renney with blanket statements regarding offense need to go back and set realistic expectations at preseason then decide how this team was going to score.
Well .... I think they're expectations are realistic if they're only looking at names as you suggest above (Gomez! Drury! Naslund! Zherdev!). Mere names - taken out of any context - can appear far more impressive than actual resumes.

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