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12-10-2008, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
all his force or not, Regehr clearly shoves D'ago from behind into the end boards.

D'ago did not turn, he had body position on Regehr.

I re-watched the hit 10 times last night on my dont tell me to go watch it again, it was a dirty play
Cannot agree more. I have a PVR as well. And if people would have had the chance to review it closely, like I said before, there was an initial hit close to the circles that sent D'Ago off balance, then Regehr used that to send him flying hitting him off-balance from behind. Probably the worst thing you can do since there's is no chance a guy could protect himself.

So D'Ago did NOT put himself in that position....Regehr did that for him. So I couldn't care less about the initial hit.....but hitting a guy from behind that is clearly off-balance? Those are the most dangerous hits.....

As far as Markov's knee, well he's not known for that. Still, while he wasn't aiming Phaneuf on purpose and wanting to injure himself, I think that he got beat and stuck the knee out a little. Still if Phaneuf knew it was a dirty shot, he would've gone bezerk, which he didn't. Even in the end of the brawl, Markov was close by Phaneuf for a little while, if Phaneuf wanted to kill him, he would've been able to even if a referee was close by.

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