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12-10-2008, 10:41 AM
Are we stopped?
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Originally Posted by knuckered View Post
I don't really follow the Moose that closely. Will this move hurt their chances at the Calder Cup or was Sharrow easily expendable? Hopefully, the kid gets to play in some NHL games for the Blackhawks.
If the Moose were hurt by this move, I'd say the pain from it would be minimal, at best. Sharrow was effectively Manitoba's 6th-7th defenceman. He put up an okay amount of points, but not enough to make up for his lacklustre defensive coverage.

Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
As for Jesse Schultz....meh, any "credit" for finding him should go to the Moose GM (at least that's my recollection). Like Burrows' case - Nonis benefited from the Moose GM able to spot talent unlike some of the guys in this organization.
Not quite. Jesse Schultz was a Brian Burke signing back in 2003. The Moose had little, if any influence on who signed with them as far as junior prosects were concerned. I believe the lack of having any say in certain things to do with the team was part of the reason Randy Carlyle left his GM role with the Moose after the first season of the Canucks/Moose affiliation. He also wanted to get back into coaching, after getting removed from his head coaching post to make room for Stan Smyl.

Anyways, the Moose did sign some minor league players to fill out the roster not occupied by Canuck prospects (like a Brandon Reid or Jason King, for example) or retreads (Martin Brochu, anyone?), and one of those Moose signings eventually went on to play for the Canucks (Alexandre Burrows).

It wasn't until after the Fedor Fedorov fiasco of 2003-04 that Moose GM Craig Heisinger even signed a player coming out of the junior leagues (Chanse Fitzpatrick was his first, I believe). Before then, it was basically the Canucks saying "what we say, goes" as far as the affilation was concerned. Thankfully things have changed since then.

Back onto Schultz...I can't say I was ever impressed by him. He wasn't exactly fleet of foot, as far as skating was concerned, and his play away from the puck wasn't that great. He can be a decent player at the minor league level, but I wouldn't call him a top-tier player, along the lines of a Jason Krog or Darren Haydar. For the Canucks to basically pencil him in as their second-line right winger a couple of years ago was rather surprising. There was nothing wrong with trying him out for the spot, but the fact they didn't have an effective backup plan in case he didn't pan out was even more insane.

Originally Posted by timw33 View Post
Did Sharrow count as a vet?
No. He had only played 133 AHL games going into this season, so he won't become an AHL veteran for any least another couple of seasons.

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