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12-10-2008, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
It was fine to me. Regehr didn't put all of his force into the hit and it was a last second turn by D'Agostini.

What ticks me off a little is that no one jumped him after the hit. Look at the Flames players after the Markov-Phaneuf hit. I guess the right guys were not on the ice, but still.
When Bergeron was injured, Jones didn't shove him into the boards with all his force.
It was a check from behind, they're trying to eliminate those therefore he should be suspended.
The one he did on Hemsky was horrible, and this is pretty much the same although a little less worse.

As for nobody coming to D'Ago's defense. To be honest, who gives a crap?..
I understand your point of view, but I find it stupid to be disappointed with this. Carbo is proning discipline, and they had a penalty right away.
Don't forget it's D'Ago on the ice, so chances are Koivu and A.Kost are on the ice. I really don't want to see them get into it with Regher or Phaneuf.
As for Phaneuf, there was 2min left in the game and they were losing 4-1, so it's normal to see a reaction.

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