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12-10-2008, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
What?? I do travel. It's not because you meet Habs fans elsewhere that it means their numbers are bigger than those in the province. How did you quantify that, really?

And I hope you did notice I know people in Swiss and France who ARE French and are Habs fans as I did mention that.

Maybe people are too tall in Quebec for you to talk to them, so you don't actually how many are French and Habs fans.

Oh and yeah, completely ignore my argument about TSN... let alone ESPN and otehr networks.
I wasn't debating if there were more English than French fans Oz. My argument is that there are more Hab fans living outside of Quebec. Pointing out that you know Swiss people, or people from France who are Hab fans, only helps support my point.

As for the TSN argument. I know a lot of Hab fans here that watch RDS instead of TSN. Not because they are French, but because they enjoy the RDS broadcast more. Hell if I get fed up with McGuire, I'll flick it over to RDS.

I think we might be debating something totally different.

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