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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
It's absolutely warranted. Komisarek is dirty. He takes cheapshots after the whistle more than anyone I've ever seen.

Last year in the playoffs after one whistle Komi must have cross-checked a Bruin in the head (I think it was Thornton or Savard? I dunno who) probably 6 or 7 times in succession.

He doesn't hit people from behind, but he's definitely dirty.
These are the types of things enforcer type players do. This is the sport we watch, it is a sport that has a lot of aggression in it. It hardly merits calling someone a dirty player. If you intentionally try to injure people, you're dirty. If you board people repeatedly, spear people, butt end people, then obviously you are a dirty player. If you're a komi/regher type and are a stay at home defenseman who is meant to be an enforcer or somewhat of one, then obviously you need to keep other teams players on their toes. It hardly makes you dirty to cross check a player after the play IF you are an enforcer. To be considered a dirty player, first of all as an enforcer imo you need to go beyond your normal enforcer type duties of shuving people around and hitting them after the play, these are your duties as an enforcer and it's a known part of the game. To call a person dirty for doing their job as an enforcer imo is ridiculous. If Komisarek went around boarding people left right and center or speared someone I'd call him dirty. If he did multiple really serious dirty hits I'd call him dirty. But to me, he's just doing his job, he enforces. When you are an enforcer imo there is a larger grey area.

I guess to some extent you are right but I just find if that is what the player is out there to do, as long as they aren't intentionally trying to injure people or do low blows, they aren't dirty. A little mouthing off and big hits, maybe a cross check here or there depending on the severity, really to me doesn't make you a dirty player, it makes you a hockey player.

I know I'll probably take a lot of flack from these comments, but I just find anyone could be called a dirty player by how loose the definition of one is. I mean, are you a dirty player now too if you dive a lot?

EDIT: Also keep in mind the context of what you just said, it was the playoffs and it was MTL vs BOS, I mean of course that type of stuff is going to happen even in a regular season game versus the bruins. It's our current biggest rivalry of the last 3-4 years. Of course players on both teams who are normally aggressive will be more-so. Just because they are playing more intensely does not make them dirty players. You need to keep in mind, many players are playing the way they are playing due to the type of team they are playing against. Play a non-physical team, the habs will likely try to dominate offensively, not go around taking dumb penalties and having komi cross check a guy after the play for no apparent reason.

Rivalry games I find you need to be a little more leniant with the moves these players make as enforcers. It's not like Komi is going around pulling Zednik elbows and such. He's just playing like an adrenaline junky because what do you think happens when you play against a rival? I know even when I play video games against a rival I play harder. If I have to resort to some cheap tricks in order to win I'll do it. (Notice how I didn't say cheat)

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