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12-10-2008, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ZherdeV View Post
You're quick to lock threads by other members who propose certain ideas, situations, rumors about the team and individual players.

But when the thread title has "Eklund" in it you give it full immunity just because he has a name for himself around the web for being wrong, with no facts to back up his statements 99% of the time.

I'd like to see a little consistency here, thats all.
The threads that are locked or closed have nothing to do with "certain ideas, situations, rumors about the team and individual players." They are locked or closed because there is existing threads where a similar topic is being discussed.

And Eklund does not get "immunity." His threads are treated the same as any trade proposal.

The source and history are well known. What's the point of discussing them? It adds nothing to the content in the board.

Any other questions I will be happy to answer via PM.

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