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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Sergei is not a dirty player.
If a player comes at him, then after he'll hunt that player to time a big hit.

Kovalev's elbow on Tucker was dirty, does that label Kovalev as a dirty player?..No it doesn't.
Same thing applies to S.Kost. He'll give big hits here and there, when he gets hit, he likes to reply. But that doesn't make him a dirty player.

As for Komi, I don't see why he's dirty. Starting crap after a whistle doesn't make you a dirty player.

You said it in one of your posts, Kasparaitis was dirty. I used to love him and his infamous hipchecks, but I know he was dirty. None of our players compare to him.
Agreed. What I was more-so trying to say is that I feel that there is a certain scale to determine if a player is dirty or not.

One way would be intent of their hits.

But to me another thing I failed to mention is that, if an enforcer is making a dirty hit, they are physical far more frequently then a non-enforcer, so accidents and dirty movies IMO are more likely to happen. So to me, what it takes for an enforcer to be considered a dirty player should be alot more then what it takes for a non-enforcer type player to be deemed a dirty player in terms of repeat offenses.

Because imo obviously it is more likely you will have repeat offenses if you are one of the teams enforcers who is meant to dish out big hits, fight and so forth.

If you aren't one of those players like say... Sergei, your job on the ice is to score or play some good two way hockey at the very least, not to go around boarding people or giving a dirty hit.

While I might have been hasty in calling Sergei dirty, if you're directly targeting people and such, you must have some intent to hurt them in some shape or form. Sure that can be said about any hit, but it isn't sergeis job on the ice like it is for an enforcer. For an enforcer it is their job to do this sort of stuff and if they aren't at least somewhat dirty in a sense, they aren't doing their job. But to label them a dirty player imo is stupid, they're doing their job and imo not all enforcers unless we're referring to fights, have the intent to injure/hurt the person when enforcing, they just have more of an intent to keep their own star players safe etc.

With Sergei, it isn't his job to do this sort of stuff so when you see him make a dirty move, or like you said kovalev pulling an elbow, it seems out of the norm and unnecessary. Let the enforcers enforce and the scorers score I guess is all I'm saying. And there are definitely some open ice hits of sergeis that I would definitely consider dirty just because imo the intent behind them wasn't good. Also the number of strides you take before you hit someone should come into account imo.

EDIT: also wanted to say, against rival teams with adrenaline pumping and playing 110% hockey (the kind we all have come to love) accidents are more likely to happen and tempers are more likely to flare. In those games nearly every player plays a physical game and maybe even does a dirty move here and there, whether intentional or not, this is part of the reason why I think it is unfair to label a player dirty unless they basically go around cheapshotting constantly, spear, board all the time and mainly: injure people frequently, essentially the repeat offenders)

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