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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Stop twisting things. I was refering to demand. It has nothing to do with who has the most games on TSN, it has to do with ratings. If there is a market for a lot of English people to watch Habs game on English TV, TSN WOULD HAVE MORE GAMES OF THE HABS THAN THEY HAVE ALREADY, but there isn't. Just the fact that you bring the "Leafs have as many games on TSN" shows how poor your reading and text analysis skills are.

Nice try diverting the argument.

Again, if your bolded statement was true, someone among Sportsnet, TSN and CBC would put all the Habs games on their channel, because there would be a demand and a definitive source of TV ratings, yet it is not. Go look at yourself in the mirror before saying other people are deluded.

There is no factual way to quantify the difference in numbers of fans between inside and outside of province. The only thing you can bring are solid arguments related to the boardcasting of it as we are talking about the demand for English broadcasting.

Get off your high horse and try better arguments next time.
Yeah after all, TV stations are a business and want to make money, the highest amount of money possible, so I am inclined to agree with this statement.

My idea on the subject, give anglos the option to have english subtitles of some kind. It wouldn't that difficult would it? True that it is live, but many of the interviews and pre-game stuff is recorded before hand.

Also for expressvu I find RDS 100x better quality HD then CBC and I'm not 100% positive but if I remember correctly last time we checked TSN it wasn't the best either. I'm talking about on a 50" Panasonic plasma with bell expressvu here. Could be different on videotron or something though, but many people do have an RDS preference who are anglo. I'd be willing to bet that during game times, at least 33% are anglos watching, at LEAST. And if the common thing among francos is to watch TSN/CBC instead because they think the RDS guys are idiots, possibly even a higher % of anglos. So it would be catering to a good portion of their audience to give an OPTIONAL subtitles.

Don't get me wrong though, I can't really see this improving their ratings much regardless, but it would be nice.

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