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12-10-2008, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Dripper View Post
O'Byrne has a one-way deal, so if he is sent to Hamilton, we still pay him full price, but it doesn't count against the cap. This is the case until he reaches 70 games or next season.

Halak and Price can both be sent down, under the same rule, which is the 80 games limit. Price is a few games away from that mark while Halak still has fortysomething games to go. Next year, he will have to go through waivers though. And to answer your question, he does have a one-way deal.


Halak, who said he wanted to stay in Montreal, signed a two-year contract with the Canadiens yesterday. The one-way deal will pay him an average of $775,000, a raise from the $500,000 he earned on the NHL portion of a two-way contract last season.
Thanks for the info.

Just a specification, for recall waivers, it doesn't matter if he reaches the 70 games this season, because their status only changes in the off-season. If a player was exempt at the begining of the season, he will remain so until the next season even if he reaches the max number of games allowed. The limit of games is just a marker to reduce the number of years in the limit of years. That's why they only change the status in the offseason. So they can send him down before he reaches 70 games, and afterwards, even if he did reach his limit, he won't have to go through recall waivers.

From :

"The recall waiver status of a player does not change during the season – so players currently exempt from recall waivers remain exempt for the entire season, and players who are subject to recall waivers remain subject for the entire season."

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