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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
you are 100% right, alas, it's exactly this type of thinking that kills me...

people seem to ignore the fact that it's a huge OPPORTUNITY and PRIVILEGE to be able to speak a second (and third, fourth, fifth...) language.

why would anyone, in their right mind, not WANT to take advantage and learn another language is beyond me.

but i doe realize that many people would argue until their blue in the face that it's their right to be able to communicate in only one language, and of course it is... it's just a shame that's all.

as for the RDS thing, if it was "HABS TV" and all in french, then I could certainly buy an argument that they should include english content, but as it is a french language station who, despite being available outside the province, is primarily produced for french speaking SPORTS enthusiast (and NOT only the habs), why on earth would they include an english segment???

if you want english, watch TSN/Sporstnet...
They end up paying the price. If you were to poll all those south-western Ontario assembly line workers that have lost their jobs the past 3 months, I guarantee you that less than 1% can speak fluent French or even Spanish for that matter. Sure, some people will say "hey, they live in Ontario, why would they need to know another language?" and to those people I say "Wake Up". One of the best things parents can do for their kids is to make them learn a second language. The results speak for themselves.

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