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07-21-2004, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Graveytrain
He showed me the same thing he showed most other fans.... speedy, shifty with a good sense of the game around him... very good hands and agressive with the puck... he seems to trust his skills alot more then Lundmark, personally i dont think Lundmark has a ton of skill to begin with... his speed will define his game more then anything else... his speed will create his oppurtunities, not his vision or creativity... Balej is capable of much more
capable of more not much more, u make this guy seem like he is godly . all that u listed is not what u saw i watched all the games last year and even when nyr acquired him, and i saw nothing of what u listed . ive heard all that from people but he didnt show much of that. all i really saw was him trying to look for the open spot for a pass, which is somewhat good. and made a couple good hustle plays and had an opportunity or 2 to score and ****ed up ( maybe out of nervousness ) , but basically both him and lundmark are both yet to show anything. lundmark been around alot more but by playing 6 minutes a game and being moved all around dont give u that much of an opportunity to grow and become a scoring threat or just a offensive player, he needs confidence . yes i think balej has more talent than lundmark does, not much more as u percieve it. but both got offensive talent and lundmark is yet to show any , but maybe will this season. and tjhis will be balejs first season , if there is this debate can go on and on but basically we will see when opening day coes there is 82 games to be played. we will see.

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