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12-11-2008, 01:43 PM
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you make a great point here: "Montoya could now be considered a poor selection, but back then he was not a bad pick". The success of a draft should not be based on what the potential was on draft day, or if the player was the BPA at the time, but it should be based on how the picks they actually made turn out in the following seasons. I do agree that at the time, perhaps Montoya wasn't a bad pick. But then again, I saw Montoya play zero times and never spoke to him so I didn't have the knowledge those drafting him had. And if he never plays in the NHL regularly, then that should be considered a bad pick.

The draft is a crapshoot, however, very often some teams, or people, do it better than others, and it's not always a result of them getting top picks. I can't say I'm terribly impressed with Sather's draft record. I don't think he had a good one in the 15 or so years prior to coming to NY, so it wasn't any surprise. He did find some late gems, especially Lundqvist, which I chalk up to luck (I mean, come 'on, if they thought he was going to be any good wouldn't they have picked him in the 5th or 6the round at a minimum?), but, I have to say he did find them, no matter if it was luck or not.

As for the rebuild - it was a half-arsed rebuild. He jacked the team up with UFAs and thought he could rebuild while trying to win. He then dumped everyone and got very little in return. Betts and Korps, essentially, for Leetch, Kovalev, Simon, Barnaby and others (I honestly don't remember the names, but that's the point). Right now, there are no legit top six forwards in the lineup (sorry Dubi, one season and one goal in 21 games isn't enough at this point - we're still hopeful), and I'm not sure if there's any in the system, and we're how many years into Sather's tenure? At least he got Zherdev for one of his picks, and Zherdev is a bona fide top six forward.

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