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12-11-2008, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
So if you had a NMC and you played on the Flyers and they were publicly sayign they dont want you on the team and they want to trade you would you seriously say no? If all the team management made it clear they didnt want you, you would seriously stay? If it were me I would say, Ill waive it if you trade me to someone in the playoff picture, why does he care, hes still getting paid.

People here seem to think a NMC means the guy is a flyer for life, simply false.
when did the flyers management publicly say that didnt want him?? i would actually say that by giving him an 8 year deal they were publicly saying the exact opposite. the only people that dont want him are the fickle fans like yourself who get a hard on at the fact that we could bring bouwmeester in if we had the cap room.....but then of course you would probably be upset when j-bo got a big contract bc it would limit our cap space to bring in other star players

what happens if carter and or richards gets hurt(which is possible), and we didnt have briere.....who the hell is going to play center??? chew on that for a little bit....only four guys on this team are producing and if we lose one to injury and trade another that leaves us with upshall, lupul, metro and hartnell to pick up the slack...and im not looking forward to that day

hes here for a reason, and hes not going anywhere so f**kin deal with it people

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