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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well, two teams in NHL history won 60 or more games. The '77 Habs and the '96 Red Wings. Even with the shootout padding wins stats a bit I still can't see San Jose doing it. Remember, Ottawa had a very similar start in the '05-06 season and it was around this time that they started to play like mortals.
Ottawa Sens 05/06:
-By Dec 5 they were 21-4(68W pace)
-By Dec 11(today) on pace 63W
-By Dec 22 they were 23-6-3(58W pace)..So in the 7 games after a huge streak they went 2-2-3.

By Jan 19 they were..31-10-4(56W pace). Good record, but nothing totally spectactular.

By the end of the season they finished with a record of 52-21-9 = 113pts..Detroit won the Presidents Trophy with a record of 58-14-8 = 124pts.

Note: Heatley started that season his new team (the Sens) on a huge high note! 22game point streak wher he accumulated 17G-21A-38pts.. Sens fans must of been going crazy!

On Dec 11 (today) the Sharks are 22-3-2, a 66.8W pace and an overall record of:

67-9-6 =140pts.. A ridiculous regular season record..Would break the regular season win record (62W Red Wings 95-96) by 5wins and the regular season point record (132pts Canadiens 76-77) by 8pts.

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