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12-12-2008, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
5 or 6 a season since he went from Florida to Van

i sad that he was one of the best and i did not say that that made him a great goalie i said he was 6-7-8 with Luongo.
Oh and how many Isles games have you watched...

and being a Canuck fan liking Luongo so much makes you automatically not a homer???
Please give me a few reasons on why Luongo is great without bringing in any other goalies in the "Luongo is the best going side to side in the crease" or" Luongo has the best (insert stat here)"

yeah being able to handle the puck, avoid on coming opposition players, and getting it set up so your teammates can bring it up into the neutral zone......yeah it is so pathetic that i would think that puck handling is important at all.

Luongo is very good but not the best, not the goalie , not the top 3....sorry I don't agree with you and your opinions on goaltending.

I will go to bed crying now
Uh okay..

Key goaltending skills that Luongo > Dipietro in:

Rebound control
Endurance (full 60 minutes)
Reflexes/hand eye

and most importantly, Leadership.

If you argue that puck handling is a more important skill than all those...

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