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12-12-2008, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by TimminsTheStorm View Post
If Koivu's out, I want Maxwell to be brought up. I'm curious to see him play.
Originally Posted by habsfan88 View Post
Lets bring Pacioretty up...anything but latendresse. Sergei will bounce back but tonight he was just off his game.
If that were to happen, I hope for their sake they don't have a bad game defensively, or make the type of mistakes they sometimes make in Hamilton. They'd be hanging from lampposts mere hours after the game judging by some of the responses in this thread.

Personally, if Koivu is out for a while, I'd wait a couple more days and see how Chipchura is recovering from his injury. If he is only a few days away and Koivu is out for a while, I'd let the team figh through as they are until Chip is ready. That way, the guy who really deserves the callup gets it, the rookies in Hamilton don't get shifted around and can focus on what they are doing and the Habs have a chance to step up in the absence of Saku.

Hopefully Saku is back soon though.

Originally Posted by vanylapep View Post
AK46 - Maxwell - Dagos
Tanguay - Lang - Kovalev
Pacioretty - Plek - SK74
Begin - Lapierre - Laraque
So not only call up an AHL rookie, but play him with an NHL rookie and a 2nd year player while have him trying to fill in for arguably our best forward this year? Maybe it would work, but it sounds like asking a lot of some young players to me.

Originally Posted by Nitehowl View Post
If you watch closely he hangs onto the puck far too long and doesn't use his linemates enough...sound familiar (Kovy).. sure he gets the odd hard shot off but most of the time he loses the puck while trying to do to much instead of quick passes. Even PJ mentioned it during the game , not that I listen to PJ much as he usually bashes the Habs but he made some good points tonight.
A huge part of his game is puck possession, he's a young kid, mistakes will happen, he's still getting into the groove of being a go to guy on his line in the NHL. We all saw when the Kost - Koivu - D'Ago line was put together that he could do great things with the puck, beating guys inside, outside, making good passes, getting good shots and goals. No-one complained about him holding onto the puck then. So he hasn't played as well the last few games, that'll happen. He could play better than he did, sure, but he still made a few things happen last night, some good shots to create rebounds, the pass to D'Ago and drive to the net to draw a call for example. He'll step it up again soon enough.

Last night won't have been the easiest game for him and D'Ago, playing with an injured Saku at centre the first 30 mins and then with just about everyone else at centre in the last 30 minutes.

If Saku is gone a while, hopefully Pleky gets a chance to centre AKost and Matt and let the vet line be the top line.

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