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12-12-2008, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
thanks for attacking me, Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck!

yeah you are in the lockerroom of the Isles and Canucks and now that one is better than the other on leadership
Positioning I think both are equal and rebound control also, they both give up few rebounds. Breakaways and shootouts i give to your boy, he seems from what i remember to have a better shootout record
Endurance, i guess you meant lasting through 3 periods, well Dp gets pulled as much as Luongo
Durability is definitley Luongo, because DP takes too many stupid risks, but if you think that that is most important and that DP cant be stopped from roaming around and thus getting more chances than Luongo to get hurt. That the coaches or he cant stop from leaving his crease so much, then you are plain wrong.

oh and i never said it was a more important skill or should be weighted more, get off of that idea

oh boy, he wont this year?!?!?you got me

Oh no i misspelled!!!I hve no knwleddge of goaltendiers becase i cant spell. Maybe its because i dont have the chance sometimes to proof read all my posts. Could it be? You know what speelling has nothing to do with watching goalies. Zero zilch nada (they are from different parts of the brain.

Wow you show other posters some great ways to Becoming a Homer. And Broduer is way better than all of them, then comes Queen(Lundqvist) and those 3. You must watch a lot of Eastern conference games

Eklands sorse, you use #;s like they mean more, well guess what they mean ****,
1-Different team from 2 years ago, better defense?!?!
2-maybe he hit a hot streak and shutout them a few times
3-could it be that Dallas went cold
4-didnt have a offensive team

too many varibles lead to a goalies numbers especially in a finite seris that only lasts at tops 7 games. Good try tho

yeah the Canucks never had good players to help Luongo
the Sedins
Jovanovski (look i cans speel!)
they dont help Luongo out at all! He is so great!
ok man i cant handle you anymore your on ignore, by the way remove that flag please because your a embarrassment to all Slovaks.

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