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12-12-2008, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by alesmarv View Post
It has been gone over a million times jutin in this forum and the consensus always ends up that Brodeur and Luongo are the bet goalies in the NHL. I have watched DiPietro play enough to know hes got potetial but he is by no means even in the top 10 right now, and I wager that you havent seen Turco handle the puck.
Actually I have seen many of his games whan i had satelite and NHL center ice. He is no where and i mean no where near as good as DP. his passes arent half way up the uce on his players stick. He passes are to weak and sometimes are intercepted by other players. He is no as confident on the puck. DP is not the greatest but he is a 6-10 goalie in this league right now. He would be better if his dumb ass didnt get so injured

Originally Posted by alesmarv View Post
read the post man, read, that way you can contribute to the forum by knowing what other people are actual saying.
yeah i made a mistake, sorry you can get over it...............i do see what they are saying and they are wrong. It is very obvious to me that half of these Canuck fans have never seen DP play and the ones that have have seen such a small sample that there opinions are very limited in scope and therefore knowledge.
But then they want to attack me on my spelling and they think that there knowledge is so great, like thinking that Luongo is much better great at rebound contro than DP

Originally Posted by alesmarv View Post
ok man i cant handle you anymore your on ignore, by the way remove that flag please because your a embarrassment to all Slovaks
I am also italian and irish and german, to bad he put me on block he could have insulted me more

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