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12-12-2008, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post

-You have a depleted defensive corpse.
-Your speedy forwards breakout easily from the neutral zone, creating odd-man rushes.
- Making them dump supports your transition game.
-You're recently having success playing with this strategy.

I don't see how the trap had anything to do with last night's loss. Halak should have had the first goal, face off should have been won or at least cover Lecavalier on the second, third was just a breezer moment.

Blame the loss on the let up after a 1-0 lead and our 1/7 PP.
1) Depleted? We're missing one defenceman and he's the 3rd best... Pittsburg has a depleted defensive core, yet they don't play the trap and guess what... they're winning...

2)Last year wasn't a problem... they just had to be more carefull, no need to start the trap...

3)It would if this team was built to play the trap, yet they're speedy scoring euro-style forwards... they need to be moving, skating... last year, they created a lot of 3 on 2 and 2 on 1, while not allowing the other team to do so... now, it's the exact opposite, these players, except the 4th line, can't play effectively the trap... why do you think the most successfull and steady line has been the 4th?

4)As great a success as they had at the beginning of the year and a lot less as last year... this team as a problem of focus and coaching strategy... playing the trap doesn't solve any of these problems.

AND FINALLY : The trap is the most boring style of hockey ever invented, it sucks, last game was a snore fest... we need to get rid of this kind of hockey not embrace it.

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