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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
Jagr was recently interviewed and he's happy, so its a great interview. He has like 8 paragraphs on the Avery situation, and it appears he heard about it for the first time in the interview - the interviewer didnt want to repeat the "Foul words" and had to write them down on a paper to show Jagr. Jagr liked Avery as a player, thought he was one of the better ones, and almost falls off his chair laughing when the interviewer said they should send Avery to Jagr's team to fix his problems.

This is translated from babelfish, so it sucks

- They heard, what scandal broke out in [NKHL] because of your former [odnoklubnika]
on Sean [Everi]'s “Rangers”?

- It heard, it fell down something about its former girl, who now is encountered
with the defender “of Calgary” by Dion By [fanefom]. But that precisely he did say?

- I know, but I will not pronounce aloud.

- Say- say! - asks me [Yagr], as if without noting that it sits with us at the table
Vicat's [perevodchitsa].

- This is what: “Sloppy of seconds”, I write on the paper those two words, because of which
[Everi] of [skhlopotal] disqualification.

- A that this such? - thinks [Yaromir]. - Some jargon… I do not understand
transfer… [Polzovannaya] girl? On the whole, you do know that I do think? - finally
speaks [Yagr]. - If [Everi] would not arrive to Calgary, he such did not say.
Fellow simply worked on the public. He wanted before the match to derive the players from itself
strange command.

- It they disqualified for TWO words to SIX matches. Such in the history [NKHL] not
it was never!

- With someone other of such it did not occur. But [Everi] punished for everything it
past sins. In other words, on the totality. This is the political solution OF [NKHL].

- “Dallas” generally wants so that to Sean they would forbid to appear in the league. But its partners
they recommend to send [Everi] into Russia for the re-education.

- I do not think that it will expel from [NKHL] because of the ethical n. not such already there all
moralists. Faster I will believe, that in the club are dissatisfied by game [Everi] and here
opportunity with it was screwed tighter to part.

But it is necessary to know Sean. Yes, it - bad guy. But this is its image. Strummed. In
to soul he is the [ranimyy], sentimental person.

But still [Everi] it adores troubles, conflicts. And it loves to attract
attention. It has this life. For Sean it would be worthwhile to go in film actors. It would make to itself
elegant career in Hollywood. But it - a good hockey player. Believe me. Speed,
play scent, aim to the gates - everything with Ger. into some matches Of [everi]
was generally the best hockey player “the Rangers”. If in the club they entrust to it, it always
it plays well.

And constantly something it develops. I remember, once we were encountered into the play off “new
Jersey”. So [Everi] it arose before their goalkeeper of fords and began to wave by club.
It did not disrupt rule, but To [marti] was simply enraged. Sean of his attained - it knocked out
rival from the equilibrium.

I think, to Sean strong trainer is not sufficient. As Mike Keenan. So that would hold it in
hedgehog gloves. Then many scandals simply it did not arise.

Generally people with the great conceit never will understand [Everi] and they will always be
to consider as its outcast. But here I cannot receive Sean seriously. In me with it
there were never problems.

- You did leave with it to ice in one component?

- Sometimes. It occurred, we did not show grow prettier game. So Sean approached me and
he spoke with the serious form: “You today played devilishly badly”. And as to me on
this to react? I answered with the sad form: “Excuse, Sean. I know, Sean. I will be
to work in order to improve its indices”. On the whole, anecdote.

- Here this fellow, yes to you into “the advance guard”!

- No! - it waved by the hands Of [yagr] and nearly it fell from the laughter from the chair. - Two years
to me it was sufficient together with it into “the Rangers”. Really it is not possible to devise the lighter
That was very difficult to read...thanks for posting it though

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