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12-12-2008, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Going back to the COPS references, I deal with cops from all over, and they will lie and act like jerks in all jurisdictions, because they know they can get away with it, for the most part. But, quite recently two LA cops got taken to task for lying in their report saying that they observed a certain defendant commit a crime and that he then admitted to it upon aprehension. His public defender believed him and subpoenaed the security tapes from the Dodger game that night proving that the defendant couldn't have been at the crime scene as he was at Dodger stadium, as he claimed. Just like dogs will sniff, COPS LIE.

Now are there areas wherre the Cops are worse than others, you bet. Most of Orange County Cops are racist, but the Temple City sheriffs are as close to a gang as you could find, but this gang has badges and legally carries guns.

As for the Chicken S*** violations like J-walking or traffic cops who hide to catch violators, once I know I am getting a ticket for sure I let them have it. Once, a motorcycle cop who tried to get me for speeding (I saw him first before he could pace me) wrote me up for having no front plate and then said "have a nice day. I told him as he was tearing my copy of the ticket off "I hope you fall off your motorcycle."
His jaw almost hit the ground

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