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12-12-2008, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Pierre McGuire feels that every day he isn't signed makes him more likely to test the market. His agent is known to be very agressive in placing his players. I think Komo wants to play in Mtl and they want him to as well.

I also think that they have to put a realistic number on what he brings to the table. While they're deciding this, they also have to know if what he would bring in a deal makes more sense than what they would have to pay.

From my own point of view, I'd overpay for him as he seems to have all that you want in terms of how he plays the game, carries himself, etc.

I hate to bring Euro/NA ratios into play as they're losing any real significance but they can't afford to play less of the style Komo plays, they have to subtly find ways to play more of it.
I think you can apply what Pierre is saying to pretty much every single player out there.
Technically, every day that passes, he's closer to UFA. It's logical.

That being said, Komi seems to like it here a lot and one can assume the Habs sees their future Captain in him. So I have a hard time believing they would either trade or let him walk.
They will give as much money required to keep him here. I don't think he'll be asking for an exaggerated amount, nor do I think they'll get him for cheap. Something along the lines of 4-4.5M/ 5M if he's greedy.

I agree with your point about his type of player even if we're still playing well without him.

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