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12-12-2008, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Talent Analyst View Post
Why? Tender is here!!!

I've become so bitter with the Habs lacking so much intensity and not supporting one another that it has become my new philosophy. lol There's no question that there's Europeans and Russians that are strong, character guys who bleed and fight and battle and protect their brothers-in-arms. But the NHL only draft the talented softies from those countries. Let's face it when they want warriors, it's rare they're going to look at say...Switzerland. But I can't help wondering that the fact that we're not protecting one another and never had for quite a while it's because we have too much of those type of players and that maybe maybe Euros do not have it in them to just go and jump a guy when one of his teamate has been cheap shot. In the last ten years or so the Habs have had trouble with that, I think, standing up for one another. When I saw D'Agostini laying in the corner two games ago, it reenforced that point that we need a cultural change on that team.

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