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12-12-2008, 09:51 PM
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Overall the first period was pretty solid. There was a few slips where the Flames opened up a tad too much for my liking, but they quickly adjusted and found their game again. The were some great hits, and I mean the bone crunching types. Sarich and Perdy were both extra rough on the Panthers. As in call the SPCA kind of rough. Everyone was playing a good defensive game, with a large amount of back checking and quick sticks in the Flames zone.

The Penalty kill was, again, absolute perfection. Miikka being strong, everyone clearing out the front ofthe net, and good solid pressure on the puck. They were also generating offensive chances as well, and that is almost always a good thing. Unless it happens to you. Which directly brings me to the power play. The first chance was actually very very good. Solid possession, lots of bodies in front of the net, and Fantastic pressure. Then there was the second one man advantage. In which Giordano hands the puck to the Panthers Kreps, who makes no mistake on his breakaway and cons Miikka into over committing.

Cammy. You have got to bury those chances! That was the perfect, and I do mean PERFECT setup. You had the empty net, and you miss by what might as well have been a mile. Giordano. I know I already gave you a piece of what for, but seriously. That was pure weaksauce. Glencross was fantastic that period, as were Bourque and Moss. Of course Moss, heck he almost got another one already in the first.

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