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12-12-2008, 09:40 PM
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The second period was very much a cold/hot period. The first five to ten minutes the Flames just weren't in the game. They made poor decisions, stood around, and generally watched the puck. The second half of the frame was all hard work and Flames opportunities. At one point the Flames caused the Panthers to have three icings in a row. This kind of "We'll show up when we feel like it" play is hard on the nerves. How's about we just keep playing the Flames defensive system yeah?

The penalty kill was, do I even need to finish? I mean I could simply just say "The PK unit got some work, and you can assume they did every thing right. Cause you would be right. You could also assume Miikka was on every shot like stink on dirty laundry.. And again you would be right. The power play tonight has been exactly what I've been complaining about for all these weeks now. Lazy and sloppy. They had no sustained pressure and simply could not get set up. They were able to penetrate the zone, but that's not enough. You have to get passes and solid shots.

HOLY CRAP BERTUZZI!! This was a fantastic period for the big winger. He was hitting (knocked one guy spang outta his gloves and helmet!), he was shooting and he was making perfect passes. Best period I've seen by you in a long time Bert. Keep that exact type of play up. Well maybe a bit more hitting. I've also been quite impressed with Boyd and Bourque. Boyd has been making plays every shift and going to the corners with an almost unholy glee. And Rene has been stellar. His two goals are only a small part of his overall contribution thus far in the game. As Pierre would say, "What a MONSTER!"

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