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12-12-2008, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
You're right. Hes doing just enough out there to satisfy those who really don't look at the game in detail. His positioning is horrendous, and his first move to the puck is just as bad. When he retrieves the puck he looks across the ice first when he should be looking up the boards or to his partner. He may not make that pass, but by the time he makes his decision a forechecker is on him and it leads him to throw a lower percentage pass (which might be the right pass) into the skates or into an area where a teammate will be met by the opposition quickly. The Rangers might get out of it and go up the ice, but thats not the point. Its the unseen little things and quick decisions in the defensive zone which lead to better rushes up the other end and more support up the ice, instead of fragmented plays.

His +/- stat is telling despite what people say. The + stat is more over rated then the - When discussing Malik, he was garnering the pluses by riding on the coattails of Jagr and company. Its easier to make that case than the case of Kalinin's minuses when he is a defensman and the mistakes leading to goals are as plain to see as anything in hockey. Last night he left a gap of about 15 feet from Crabb because he was undecided about changing. His hesitation is to blame, again. Tom Renney always preaches decisiveness in one's game. He lacks that big time. True, the Rangers arent scoring, so hes not getting any pluses to make up for it, but hes not doing whats necessary to move the play in the right direction to get those goals. Redden has blown this season too, but hes got 13 assists because he can get the play moving, compared to 6 for Dmitri.

I'd like to see him replaced by Potter, at least for 2 or 3 games. It can't be that much worse. Potter has shown he can not only play a pretty decent game, but get involved offensively ala Girardi (getting pucks to the net) and also do a superior job of clearing the front of the net compared to Kalinin.

If there is any benefit of the doubt given to Kalinin i have no idea why. Hes played 30 games as a Ranger, the Rangers owe him nothing. Its not like they traded away assets to gain his services, he was a UFA and a depth signing. Treating the guy with kid gloves is the wrong thing to do, because the fans are about 2 inches away from jumping on him anyway, just like Buffalo did. If he has such a fragile ego, then youll want to stay away from that. Send him off for a few games and show him tapes, in the meantime start the rookie and you might even get better play out of him.

At this rate it cant hurt.

This is an EXCELLENT post....GREAT assessment HBNYC

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