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12-12-2008, 10:58 PM
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Third Period
A return to solid defensive hockey. The Flames were solid in the neutral zone, denying any time and space to the Panthers. They also managed to create a good amount of offensive chances, but were unable to capitalize. There was certainly no shortage of shots on net. Miikka was also big and tall i9n net that frame, turning away more than a few chances to keep this game even.
The power play was light years better that period. They had excellent sustained pressure, very crisp passing and a lot of great shots on net. Alas they also had the usual tally of goals. Specifically zero, as when the golden chances arose the Flames decided to miss the net, or fan completely on the shot. Thankfully we have our penalty kill unit. This was again like skating face first into a brick wall for the Panthers as any shots that managed to trickle though to Miikka were shunted aside with a almost scornful like manner.
Moss was such a stud that period, both defensively and offensively. He was making all the plays you could ever hope to ask of him, with the notable exception of a goal. Bertuzzi was also playing so very well again this period, hitting and shooting. Too bad Vokoun is such a Flame Killer, as I thought Todd was gonna get his first in forever on that one timer. It was also very nice to see Phaneuf actually hitting the net with at least half his shots. Which is a huge improvement of his percentage as of late.

The penalty Kill unit got to work near to right away when Lombardi got beat and hooked his man. Thankfully even with a 4 on 3 advantage the Panthers couldn’t get through Miikka as the PK did a great job of clearing the lanes and letting him see the shots.
The rest of the extra five minutes was filled with sustained Flames pressure, and another Rock em Sock em hit by Bourque. Nothing decided, as both Miikka and Vokoun denied everything.

Cammy takes the first shot and rings it off of the goalpost. Story of the game for him right there. Next up Frolik took his shot and missed the net. Bourque came next and was easily denied by Vokoun. Kreps tried a nice backhand-forehand deke, but Miikka was more than ready for him. Jarome was next denied by Vokoun on an offside wrister. Last up was Weiss whoo slipped through Miikka’s Five Hole to win the game.

Overall Impressions
Not the best game we’ve seen from the Flames as of late. They just didn’t seem to really get that solid defensive game going all night. It almost seemed at times as if they were disinterested. When they played hard they easily dominated the Panthers, but when they didn’t more often than not they ran around in their own zone.
The Flames were beat tonight by a good goaltender and their own mistakes. To win games you have to stick with your game style and never waver from it. And the Flames wavered like a candle flame on a windy night. I expect a far superior level of play from this team and tonight was not up to par. Not by a long shot.

Three Stars By Me
1. Rene Bourque
2. Tomas Vokoun
3. David Moss

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