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12-13-2008, 08:15 AM
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Well every non-playoff team in the NHL has a shot at the lottery. The lower you are in the standings, the higher chance you have at winning it (30th has a 25% chance of winning, goes down to 0.5% for the "best" non-playoff team). The number is drawn and the winner can move up 4 places in the draft. No team can move down more than one spot, only the worst 4 teams have a chance at 1st overall.

Picks are ranked by various scouting services, but they are just opinions. Teams scout themselves and have their own personal rankings. That is why we see some players rise and some players fall from expected draft positions.

Names on jerseys I have no idea. I think now they can pretty much make the name plates instantly, they are not stitched. The number on the back is the year of the draft (this year all picks had 08).

Yes you can trade picks or players during that day, it is often done because all the GM's are in one room together and some want to prep for free agency.

Both draft picks and drafted players can be traded. But when they do trade picks, the player is unknown as they can choose anyone they wish.

The lottery prevents teams from battling for last. There is uncertainty even if you do have the worst record in the league. The NHL would also certainly take action if they could prove teams were losing on purpose.

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