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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I don't think Lats will be traded, unless it's as part of a package. The potential for a Leclair scenario is way too high.

Lats' problem is that the AHL was not an option. He was clearly too good for junior. He was unquestionably good enough for the NHL -- and he has the results to prove it -- but it really wasn't the ideal spot for his development. The question becomes whether letting him waste a year in the Q -- not the most physical of leagues, one he could dominate without much work at all -- so that you could put him in the AHL the year after would have been worth it. Keep in mind we're really wondering whether he'd be much better with ONE year of AHL, not two.

And language really had nothing to do with it. Lats made the team because he was a NHL-caliber player and because he filled a void. He remains, by far, the team's best combination of hitting ability and hands. Though I think it really drives some of the fan whining about him.

The other problem is that he's being held up to completely ludicrous standards. He's from the same draft as D'Agostini and Sergei Kostitsyn, but if either of these players doesn't hit the 16 goals that Lats got in his first and second year... do you think they'll be blasted nearly as much as Lats was last year? I don't think so. Lats was actually a very good scorer in limited icetime last year, but because the results he gets aren't obtained in the manner fans would wish of him, he gets a tough rap. Even if some magical fairy suddenly turned him into Joe Thornton, I bet some fans would blame him for not being Milan Lucic.

Latendresse needs teaching. A contending NHL team may not be the ideal spot for this, but the Habs are young enough that it is an important consideration nonetheless. This isn't Carbo's forte though -- I wonder if some assistant coach dedicated to teaching the kids wouldn't be useful? There's a lot of 24-or-younger players on the team right now, including a ludicrous four from the 2005 draft. A teacher wouldn't hurt Sergei and Ryan O'Byrne, either.
I agrre with you.

This team needs a guy like Clement Jodoin, a guy who knows NHL and Junior hockey.

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