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Originally Posted by jediprakNYR View Post

Are you crazy or what? Executing all these trades for injured players? All we get is two old guys who we don't know whether they are truly in shape, even though they say that they are working out constantly. These two guys, Shanny and Sundin, are injury prone! Exelby? Niskanen? Will they really turn a team around?

We need two snipers with 40+ goals and some fast d-men if you ask me. And a brain transplant for Tom Renney.
I have been called crazy by many people. Yes. And I probably am
Now on to your analysis
I only mentioned acquiring one injured player (J Lundqvist) that should be back on ice within a month. Why even bring this up as this is just a throw-in into the deal with Dallas and hardly worth mentioning?
I somewhat agree that Potter, Exelby and Niskanen will not turn the team around in a dramatic fashion on D. But I do think that by replacing 8,6 million for Redden and Kalinen they would not damage the team defensively in any grave manner. We have Sauer, Sanguinetti and a certain Del Zotto coming up in a few years. At least one - maybe more - of these guys should make it into the NHL. Kalinin would be gone after the end of the year anyway.
Two old guys that are injury prone... Everyone always with the fanatically biased and hardly focused fetish here for youth. Youth like in Korpedo, Dawes, Sjostrom, Prucha and Fritsche that really seem to be getting the job done offensively. These 5 young and speedy offensive dynamos have combined for a total of 8 goals so far this year. Their roles and ice time might have been grossly mismanaged by the coaching staff - but come on - 8 measly goals over 30 games into the season! But face it - these young guys - no matter how much we like them - are not ready to burden the offense this team so desperately needs NOW. And a short term fix by signing 2 "older guys" as midterm UFAs will do nothing more than eat salary this year - as they will be gonest down the line - and is as good as a solution as you are going to find.
I therefore think that we should let a couple of these guys go(Dawes and Prucha), not trade our other prospects out of short term desperation and keep the rest of the green & growing "youth" on board and let them slowly develop into a fullfledged NHL callibers of offensive threat. Because they are (unfortunately) not there yet. Even if I mentioned Petr Prucha here - his tale is somewhat more of a tragedy than the other 4 guys (3 if you omit Fritsche as well) but I am not going to get into that now.
Regarding injury prone. Maybe they are. Maybe not. Only time will tell if they both were to be signed. Which is highly improbable. If they are - then so be it. PAP and AA would then probably be called up and then have to show what they are made of. Might not be the worst of options. And I am not even mentioning bringing up Avery from Hartford were he to come back here (which I am not sure would work out at all).
The Avery thing is more of a halfhearted joke on my part - but it also in a sense is remotely possible as Dallas really wants Avery out of town and could be desperate enough to swallow Reddens crazy contract in order to do so. Remember that they were close to getting him as UFA before we overbid them a little.

OK - here comes the part I like
We need to get two 40 goal scorers and a couple of speedy defensemen.
OK, well - Jay Bo and Tomas Kaberle sound good and are said to be available for the right price. And hmmm, lets say that Kovalchuk and Gaborik up front would seem like good 40-goal guy options as they are also rumoured to be on the block. Fine. Lets do it. And pretend we have enough assets that anyone would want to acquire to bring home even one of these players (which we probably do not unless we start talking Staal, Lundqvist and Dubinsky) - cuz we will not find a single sucker in the universe of stupid GMs to swallow enough salary (for our 4 wingless albatatrosses in Redden, Rozie, Gomez and Drury) to bring back anything close to what we would need to dump to get what you want to get. What is a salary cap? Ever heard of it? Duhhhhh - did not think so. You gotta give to get. If you give me your adress I will send you a free calculator for starters. How does that sound? And I am not joking

The brain transplant for Renny? I actually tend to agree here - but fear that there is not a brain surgeon in the world that could fix this mess. It seems someone might have tried this before and the infamous Ygor (Marty Feldman) was at it again and unfortunately gave them the brain of A.B. Normal to put into Tom Rennys head. A lobotomy or a pink slip might fare better as a solution.

Have a nice evening...Regards from the loco madre from Iceland

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