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12-13-2008, 11:55 PM
What's the Pred say?
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Originally Posted by Modo View Post
Story of Dallas's season thus far, constantly getting outplayed. A plethora of injuries to several key players certainly doesn't help, but results like tonight are just totally disheartening. And lately, quite predictable. I was practically livid watching the game tonight, the way the Stars produced almost nothing offensively, even on the PP. Wasted a great effort by Stephan, a rookie goalie who's barely used thanks to overconfidence in a very shaky starter.

Things aren't right in Dallas at the moment, kudos on getting the 2 points against what is right now a far weaker team.
Well you can start with your defense, a patchwork of fringe players, a has-been, some inexperienced kids, and Matt Niskanen. But at least you're not cornering the market on them like Tampa.

Goaltending-wise, I like Stephan as a medium-term option while Beskorowany and Bachman develop.

Up front, you guys are solid up the middle in the short-term, and can fill that hole at #3C when Modano retires in a few years' time (does Ott still play center at all?). On the wings, you guys have Brunnström, Eriksson, and Morrow, all solid top six wingers, with Neal on the upswing, but there isn't a lot of immediate-term talent or depth on the wings.

Dallas have a good team in the long-term, though, with a couple of key players to build around, but the Stars seem more geared towards winning now, something they aren't likely to do. This could be a good year to make some trades and get some returns on players you don't expect to have in the organization much longer.

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