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12-14-2008, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by #57 View Post
I agree with the article, and I'm not sure what Tremblay's reputation has to do with anything here. Demers and Brunet can be considered 'insiders' because they've been in the business for so long and they know many people that are still involved in hockey, but it's true that they lack profesionalism.

I like Yannick Bouchard, he's a good host and Joel Bouchard knows his stuff and speaks really well, but some of the other guys at RDS are really lacking.

I don't think I'd do a better job, so those guys deserve respect, but still, they should be working on speaking better french, and not be so damn biased, they're on TV in front of almost a million person.
How is that their fault?..
Teach a 40+ man to speak well. See how easy it is when you reached that age.
It's already hard enough for school teachers to learn to kids how to properly speak. Imagine how hard it'd be for a middle age and a border elderly man..

Blame RDS for hiring people with poor communication skills. Don't blame the ex-hockey player or ex-coach for speaking badly. That's just dumb.

What you don't about Tremblay's reputation, is that he lacks a great deal of professionalism as well (Brunet might be bias for Habs, but RJ has been dissing the habs since I can remember, how's that better?), so calling out someone for it makes him look like a big fat hypocrite.

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