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12-14-2008, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
No, more like getting too high, or too low at this time of the year is a waste of breath. Haven't even played half the season yet. Go on one of the Stevens 10 game specials and how good does this team look?

We've been on an extreme high run, there will be a valley. Lets hope it isn't extended.
I agree the I think Ottawa was more of a smoke screen than this team. This team has more depth than one stellar first line. I agree that they arent going to be playing the kind of hockey that sees them go 11-1-2 in month long stretches but 8-4-2 could be more realistic and of course at some point they will go into a strech where they might go 4-8-2 but for every losing stretch(the beginning of the year) a good team has, theres usually a solid run at some point as well(right now). Good teams go on nice runs and then have rough times, they are a good team. Great teams have great runs and play average other times, but rarely have a rough run. We'll see if they can be good or great the rest of tghe way. I say good, most likely 4th in the east.

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