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Originally Posted by BerubeBox View Post
It just occured to me that I'm always really biased in favor of sticking with the players we have and not doing much trading. I'm not really sure why. I notice there are a lot of people who are in favor of tinkering and tweaking and manipulating all the time - armchair GMs so to speak. They seem to think if they were in charge, they could wheel and deal their way to a stanley cup within a few years.

Now I'm not attacking these people. This is about admitting my own bias. This wheel-and-deal your way to victory mentality is almost alien to me. Whenever trade ideas are proposed my natural inclination is to be pessimistic. As a Flyer fan I've obviously seen what good trading can do for a team. But I always have a bad feeling about potential trades. Why is that?

Maybe it's because in my ideal NHL, there wouldn't be any trades at all. Not one. You don't have to tell me how impossible that is. It isn't even remotely feasible. But how great would it be? You draft a player and he belongs to one team for life. Sink or swim. Can you imagine how much more loyalty and passion that would inspire among the fans? Sure you can say, it would suck if your team didn't draft well, but that would only make it better when they finally turned it around.

There's probably a lot more to it. Maybe I'm just not a risk-taker. Maybe I don't like the idea of one business guy I don't know that much about (the GM) having the ability to throw away all our hopes in one deal. Maybe I'm a control freak? I like to think I just want players around longer in general so I can get to know them in a way and root harder for them.
I'm gonna put my psychologist suit looks like to me you're a safety player type of person. That's your personality I guess. You don't like to take a lot of risks and would rather stay put. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but If I were to guess that's the type of person you are not only in hockey aspects but all general life aspects.


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