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Originally Posted by FinProspects View Post
Can you provide some more exact info on him? Like compared to our "star" prospects? It is obvious that he has special offensive gifts. How is his skating, acceleration/speed? Vision? Defensive game (if there is any)?
My observations are from last season, so someone else can give us a more up to date description of his game. It's also obvious that he has progressed significantly from last season, there's just no other way of explaining his present stats.

Skating: From what I can remember, he was a quick skater and smoothly changed directions with the puck, so defenders were in trouble with him. His top speed was good, but not exceptionally great so that's at least one of the areas that needs some improvement, if he desires to play pro hockey with his ~present height.

Vision: The way he collaborated with his linemate Rautiainen showed that he has a great teamwork ability. I also believe that he will be capable of producing great results when lined up with other creative players. He was also good in supporting linemates that had the puck, by creating more options and room/(free space) for them.

Puck skills: With such a short reach he's obviously incapable of effectively doing some of the fancy stuff, but his puck control seemed good. don't remember how his shot looked, but his passes were very accurate.

Defensive game: Honestly, I don't remember how his defensive game looked, but then again Jr.C level doesn't tell that much about defensive game of wingers, because most of the defenders are fairly passive.

Characteristics: I was left with an impression that he wanted to be involved in his team's game as much as possible and wasn't affraid of going to situations, which I think is a very good sign when we are talking about such a small player.

Stats of Jr.C final series from last season:
9th JÄRVELÄINEN Ville (HPK) 13gp 8g+14a=22p
12th RAUTIAINEN Teemu (HPK) 13gp 10g+10a=20p

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