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12-15-2008, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man View Post
What do you mean, you know we should have signed him for three? You sound as if a) you know something no one else knows, and b) Kiprusoff would have taken $3 per.

Isn't that we signed him to last contract? Think a little bit more before posting something assinine like this.
I meant sign him for 3 years, not for 3 million. I imagined he would have signed for anywhere between 5-7 million, but I wanted a shorter deal than the 5 years he got. With his numbers going down, I wasn't comfortable with him being on a long-term deal. That doesn't even include the fact we have 4 young goaltenders in our system.

And I didn't know anything someone else does, and I just explained why I said that. There is no need to flame, and I apologize if it came out as 3 million per year as I'm quite aware kipper would want more.

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