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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
Choas is their an Austrian language? or do Austrians all speak German?
The official language of austria is german. However, nobody in austria really speaks "high-german" (Hochdeutsch) which means to pronounce the words the way they are written.

German is a language with a ton of dialects. For example, it is quite hard to understand swiss people for people not used to it. Those dialects are usually dependent on what state you are in and each state makes fun of the other for how they speak. It's pretty much the same as for example a guy from the southern US and a guy from Brooklyn.

Austria also borders to a lot of other countries and at the borders there are also people who speak the language of the next country over. In fact there has been a ton of debate not too long ago whether city limit signs in southwest Carinthia (the state I live in, the most southern state in Austria) should be bilingual in German and Slovenian.

@ Kambo don't worry. But the word germans use for "boards" as in an online forum is simply "Forum". "Bretter" is the literally translation of boards and are the boards used for floors, fences etc. As for "boobies" you could say "Titten" which is rather vulgar equal to t*ts. The nicer word is Brüste (breasts). pronounce it with a U but bend the tongue towards the teeth instead of up. Hope you get it

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