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12-16-2008, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Just does Tremblay know Brunet is not getting any? I heard of couple of guys that were on RDS at one time, and are not anymore, that are saying that they are indeed on their tail and helping them as much as they can.

So does Brunet needs to do better? Of course he does. But the point is does RDS and Brunet needs to receive lessons of professionnalism by Tremblay who decides to have a coach's head just because he can't have private interviews? Should we take the word of a guy who does his best day after day to bash the Habs org. just because they can't talk to coaches and staff like they used to? Or 'cause they don't use the same plane anymore?

That's my biggest beef as far as Tremblay is him loving to do french lessons in his column when he has time to read himself carefully and when probably they have a correction team not far behind.....Strangely, when he talks on radio and on TV, he makes more mistakes then.....
"Oussque c'est que c'est que l'joueur s'en va" is a pretty clear indicator that Brunet needs help. As for Tremblay, I'm far from being in his fan club, and I agree, he should heed his own advice and be a bit more "professional" when speaking. But the fact remains that he is right in this case (again, IMHO). In a way, a lot of people a judging Tremblay in this thread - we should be discussing what he wrote, not what he is.

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