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12-16-2008, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Pauser View Post
Uhh...actually I do understand how the cap works, thank you very much. Have you even read the CBA?

Thought so...

And if you look closely, aside from one calculation error on my part (not pro-rating Kalinen's and Prucha's salary), it's essentially the same thing as what nfiTO wrote.
if all you're missing is the prorated contracts for Kalinin and Prucha, then your numbers wouldn't be that far off... but I think you would have to be missing other numbers as well, since the cap breakdown I did didn't come close to the $8mill you suggested.

when I did the numbers all that would fit would be Sundin at $5mill... anything more and it just wouldn't fit. You suggested a $8mill prorated contract though - which is significantly off from the numbers that I calculated.

maybe my numbers are off... but I did try and break down every contract and every prorated salary to minimize mistakes and to be as close to accurate as possible.

the numbers I got showed that the rangers would have to waive/trade for no salary coming back: Prucha, Fritsche, and Kalinin, and would also have to send Korpokoski to the minors (doesn't need to clear waivers)... they could only then sign Sundin to $5mill (prorated - which works out to $3mill for the rest of the season), and if they add 2 other minimum wage players ($500K/ea) they would then be at a 22 man roster just barely under the cap.

I don't see how all that fits, if you give Sundin $8mill. Considering there are 112 days left under the 187 day total cap count, that'd be a $4.79mill cap hit... I had barely over $200K left over with Sundin taking a $3mill cap hit for the rest of the season at the $5mill annual salary...

so how exactly does it fit with $8mill contract?

again, maybe my numbers are off... but I'm not sure where I made the mistake? Even if you exclude the 2 extra forwards I suggested and just go with a 20 man roster, you're looking at an additional $600K the team can add for the rest of the season, putting their overall cap flexibility at around $800K (instead of $200K).

plugging those numbers in with a 20 man roster and assuming the Rangers play to the cap (56.7mill) with just 20 players, the absolute most that they can offer Sundin would be $3.8mill for the rest of the season - which if he signed today would be an annual salary of $6.45mill annually.... which we know will never happen because at that salary it means you carry just 20 players - and again that includes waiving Prucha, Fristche, Kalinin and demoting Korpokoski... and replacing Kalinin with Potter to give you the minimum 6 dmen.

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